What states is train hopping legal? (2024)

What states is train hopping legal?

Train hopping, sometimes referred to as freight hopping, is against the law in all US states.

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Is train hopping legal in the US?

Although riding trains for free (train-hopping) is illegal, it is one of the most viable ways to get out of the city for free. In most passenger trains (NJ Transit, Amtrak, etc.), the only way to ride for free is to hide in a bathroom or display a "Seat Check" ticket found on the ground or from a previous ride.

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What happens if you get caught train hopping?

Those found in violation can face fines or even a jail sentence.

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Is it still possible to hop a freight train?

The practice was heralded in popular culture of 20th century America with songs such as "King of the Road", and films like Emperor of the North Pole. For a variety of reasons the practice is less common in the 21st century, although a community of freight-train riders still exists.

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Is train surfing illegal in the US?

The most common form of penalty for train surfers is a fine, however, in some countries, such as the United States or Canada, train surfers can be not only fined, but imprisoned too.

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How do you not get caught train hopping?

Night time is best for train hopping because it's easier to elude Railway Police or "Bulls" in the quiet of night. We hid in a grove of trees at the edge of the rail yard, and once the coast was clear, we made a break and ran across the yard to the train bound for Wyoming.

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Do hobos still hop trains?

They hop into freight trains and live the lives of the old-time hobos, never settling down and living meagerly but totally on the road. One CBS TV show estimated that there are at least 1000 fulltime hobos riding rails across the US today.

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What do you call a person who hops trains?

The people who do Freight Hopping are known as "Hobos". The rail yard security guys who you really don't want to bump into are called "Bulls" and seeing how far you can get via freight trains and coping with whatever the yards in which you arrive throw at you is called "exciting". •

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What happened to Stobe the hobo?

His Death. Reports seemed to indicate either falling off a bridge onto the tracks or his backpack getting caught on a passing Amtrack train while on a bridge and being dragged.

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Is train hopping illegal in NY?

Although jumping a turnstile is probably one of the most innocuous crimes you can commit in New York, it has been the subject of considerable controversy over the years. Also known as “fare evasion,” jumping a turnstile in the NYC subway system is in fact a crime.

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Can you still be a hobo?

Despite the many predictions that hobos would soon be a thing of the past due to the reduction in railroad lines, the faster diesel trains, and few jobs for seasonal workers, hobos still exist today. Some still engage in the dangerous and illegal practice of hopping freight cars; others drive the roads.

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Why do people hop trains?

Some left to escape poverty or troubled families, others because it seemed a great adventure. At the height of the Great Depression, more than 250,000 teenagers were living on the road in America. Many criss-crossed the country by hopping freight trains, although it was both dangerous and illegal.

What states is train hopping legal? (2024)
What did hobo Shoestring do for a living?

I am a professional hobo. I have been hopping freight trains since 1989 and have ridden over 330,000 miles of steel since my very first hop out on the rails. Canada, USA and Mexico are my usual hopping grounds.

Is putting salt on a railroad track punishable by death?

Alabama 1. Putting salt on a railroad track may be punishable by death. This is illegal for obvious reasons, putting salt of railroad tracks can cause them to rust resulting in possible serious train accidents.

Where do hobos hide on trains?

2) Hiding between cars.

Most hobos also liked "riding the blinds" by swinging onto the front end of a baggage car. The location between cars helped them avoid being spotted by railroad police. Though there was a threat of being crushed between cars, the ability to avoid detection made it relatively safe.

Why is walking on train tracks illegal?

Unless you are crossing at a designated pedestrian or roadway crossing, it is illegal to walk on railroad tracks. Walking, jogging, biking, or any other type of loitering by tracks is considered a criminal trespass by law because it's extremely dangerous.

Why don't you fly back when you jump in a train?

You are in the same frame of inertia. When you jump in the train, you do not encounter air resistance, and you usually encounter little to no force and there is no change in your speed. That's why you fall in the same place when you jump. Because the speed of the train is the same as your speed.

What is a junk train?

Junk are generally manifest, meaning it's a mix of cars. Hoppers, lumber, flatbed etc. A hotshot is a high priority train. All the GM (junk) will side-out to let it pass. Hot shots are usually all intermodal with stacked containers, and or piggy backs.

How many people were caught hitching rides on trains during the Great Depression?

Over 600,000 people were caught hitching rides on trains during the Great Depression. Many times offenders went unpunished. Films like The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) entertained Americans by the thousands despite the hardships brought by the Great Depression.

What is hobo short for?

The term emerged in the American West around 1890, though its origins are hazy. Some say it was an abbreviation of “homeward bound” or “homeless boy”; author Bill Bryson wrote in his 1998 book “Made in America” that it may have come from “Ho, beau!”, a railroad greeting.

What does the term hobo stand for?

A hobo is a migrant worker in the United States. Hoboes, tramps, and bums are generally regarded as related, but distinct: a hobo travels and is willing to work; a tramp travels, but avoids work if possible; a bum neither travels nor works.

Is train hopping illegal in Georgia?

Any person who rides or attempts to ride on a railroad train of any character and conceals himself from the conductor or train authorities by hiding under the train, or on top of the train, or in box cars, on tenders, or elsewhere, for the purpose of avoiding the payment of fare or of stealing a ride thereon, shall be ...

What's a female hobo called?

A Boyette is a female hobo, a term that was used during the Great Depression era in the United States to describe a woman who was part of the itinerant worker and traveler community known as “hobos.”

What is the real hobo code?

Hoboes did leave marks, but instead of code, they were monikers: markings with the hobo's nickname, the date, and an indication of direction of travel. Many oral histories and written accounts describe monikers, including London's memoir, The Road: “Water-tanks are tramp directories.

What is a rubber tire hobo?

He attended Washington University School of Fine Arts, and then hit the road for 15 years, as what he calls “A rubber tire tramp,” meaning rather than travelling by freight trains as one might think was a traditional hobo mode of travelling in the 1950s, he went by car.

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